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    Who We Are

    DAL Minerals LLC is a registered limited liability corporation in the State of Texas.  We are a private family working with oil and gas companies in the purchase, selling and leasing of mineral interests.  


    Simplified Process

    At DAL Minerals LLC, we keep the process of buying, selling or leasing mineral rights simple.  As owners of numerous oil and gas mineral rights in the state of Texas, we negotiate contracts directly with many of the top oil and gas producers in the U.S.


    Currently Accepting Offers

    DAL Minerals LLC is currently accepting offers for the sale and/or lease of mineral interests in Howard and Reeves Counties in Texas.  

    Sale/Lease Offer Requirements

    Note:  DAL Minerals LLC will only consider offers that include a detailed offer letter with description of the property, purchase/lease price, bonus if applicable, and net mineral acre breakdown.


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